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Texas Industry

Wind power


Can you name the four main industries that elevated Texas from a provincial outpost to a leading financial powerhouse? Cattle, cotton, lumber, and oil-the four cornerstones on which Texans built our thriving economy. But we didn't stop here to rest on our laurels. Over the course of the past century we've added aeronautics-the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is the primary hub of the industry; defense-Texas hosts some of the country's largest military facilities and defense contracting companies; computer technology-the integrated circuit was first developed in Dallas; renewable energy-Texas is the leader in wind power; and healthcare-Texas is home to the world's biggest medical center. Together with the tourism and entertainment industries, these endeavors have grown the Texas economy into the second largest in the nation. But we don't just work hard. We also like to commemorate our accomplishments. Institutions like the Petroleum Museum, the Texas Seaport Museum, and the American Wind Power Center interpret and celebrate the rise of innovation in Texas industry. So take a break and enjoy the sites. You deserve it!