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“The Texas Mountain Trail not only partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife to produce our region’s birding trail map, but took the lead on organizing the project. Without that leadership, the end product would not have come to fruition. This is but one example of the important role played by the Texas Mountain Trail within the heritage tourism community of far west Texas – a role that ultimately benefits travelers and local residents alike.”
 --Linda Hedges, Regional Interpretive Specialist, Texas Parks and Wildlife

"In this time when travel dollars truly count, the mountains of Texas have not gone away and the stars still come out to play every night. It's the TMT that presents this message loud and clear every day."
 --Larry Francell, Jeff Davis County Commissioner

"Texas Mountain Trail organization helped launch our newly restored historic Hotel El Capitan in this tough economic climate. They developed a bike ride and press event beginning at our property and coordinated several journalists’ visits, all producing attention for our new business. This press coverage had an immediate payoff in booking for our hotel and will encourage bookings in years to come. We are proud to participate in their cycle-friendly accommodations program as we believe it will all lead to increased business for our property. While Texas Mountain Trail is based in Van Horn, they work in all communities and contribute to the strength of the tourism industry across Far West Texas.”
-- Joe Duncan, owner Hotel El Capitan (Van Horn) and Hotel Paisano (Marfa)

"I can't say enough about the benefit of the Texas Mountain Trail to travelers to a fantastic part of the state. Let's face it, Texas is HUGE. If Texas were tiny like those little east coast states, we wouldn't have need of things like the Regional Trail system. However, as we all know, Texas is huge. What that means is that someone like myself, from north Texas, up in the DFW area, doesn't have the local knowledge that can make or break a hard earned vacation.  As it is, I have received help from the TMT on lodging, travel and eating options and I have yet to be let down. The fine folks at the TMT help me to ensure that my well deserved breaks from a hectic work life are relaxed and stress free - and you just can't place a value on that!!  In addition, I have had two occasions in the past six months to travel to the region on business, to show folks from out of town all that the area has to offer. Once again, the TMT was able to assist in planning and lodging - allowing me to show visitors such a wonderful part of our state."
--Derrick Birdsall, regional visitor from DFW Metroplex

“The Texas Mountain Trail has been a valued partner for several years. During this time the El Paso Convention & Visitors Bureau has strongly supported TMT’s mission and development. The El Paso CVB has greatly benefited from this partnership as it has enhanced El Paso’s image and generated new networking opportunities. Overall we believe TMT’s initiatives are particularly relevant and essential to the growth of El Paso and the west Texas region.”
--William Blaziek, General Manager, El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau

"Texas Mountain Trail provides us visitors that are excited to learn of the heritage tourism within our region. We cannot fail to be successful with these visitors, our local communities, and a partner like Texas Mountain Trail"
--John Morlock, Superintendent, Fort Davis National Historic Site